Galactic Merchant Remastered - Update

Woah~! That was quick...

Updates here~!

I just finished creating 10 new planet sprites. Of course, self made. If you ask me how... I took a picture of a rough surface (the floor and wall around my house, really), turned it into black and white, applied it to a base planet (black and white too, created with Graphics Gale), then tweaked at it on an image editor (Chassy Draw IES) until satisfied with the color. It was my first time on creating customized sprites... It was quite good in my opinion.

For the UI, I redid the starfield backdrop. I guess the contrast of the one I currently applied was a tad bit too high so I lowered it, made it an image, and saved.

The buttons are simple in design too... (Though I felt that it didn't change much)

Music for the game's BGM are on next. I downloaded a bunch of free music packs on Of course, I plan on crediting the creators, but I still haven't decided on which ones to use.

Simple sound effects are also done~! Did it with Bfxr in just an hour or so.

All in all, I did quite a lot in this two days... NOW THAT RESOURCES ARE COMPLETE, TIME TO WORK ON THE GAME CODE!!!

Currently, I'm getting a bit troubled on how I will do the travelling... Whether it is camera centered or a free chase type.

Since I cleaned up the code that handles each important game part (key press handler, menu, etc.), I am having an easier time than previously. Coding really should be seperated into multiple files when it gets too big.

My current codes are about 2000 lines already (split to different files) as I literally reprogrammed EVERYTHING. Compared to the 3000 lines in one file I did previously, this one looks a bit more easy to the eyes. Also easy to edit.

That's about everything for now. Will update again soon~!

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