Announcing~! Plan for a polished version!

Hello guys~!

If you are here, then that means that my little game picqued your interest. For that, I give you my thanks. Thank you very much~!

Okay, now, I would like to announce the creation of a new version of this game "Galactic Trader" *claps crazily*.

If you have read the postmortem, then that means you already know what's probably coming~! But I will say it again anyways.

The revamped version is planned to be up and running before the year ends. The total dev time depends on the probability of having 100% motivation to finish this quickly divided by the speed of the ideas appearing in my crappy mind. Just kidding.

In the revamped version, I will try to do a better job for the graphics and animation. Probably redo the battle scene from scratch. Add more sounds to liven up the gameplay. Redo most of the UI. Add more to the game like the quest trees (which I dropped during development), cutscenes, and dialogues (to finally make my declaration true).

Since I work like my civil status says, it will be a crazy week for me.

That's all for now, time to code~!

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