Finger Snapper Build Review

Okay~! Soooo, for this post, I would like to discuss everything about this game, Finger Snapper.

Game Design:

The game was designed as a Time sink game. A game where a player wouldn't notice how much time he actually spent and just go "oh crap!" After looking at the time.

In my opinion, I did this part convincingly. I was surprised how time flies everytime I retry the game and check for corrections or bugs. Ultimately, I can say that this game is one nice Time Sink.

The game level design was done a bit randomly. I just placed what feels right here and there, then check if it is clearable (by playing it myself), then add crystals (the yellow thingies) to the valid paths, though some on the mid levels are traps for greedy ones, who cares?


This game, in the end, implemented my planned 2D Game Engine Format for python Pygame. It is a linear engine (processes one task at a time) that bases heavily on frame counts. Tasks was set as a string message for the engine to decode and execute.

Also, I made it so that when a new overlay sceen appears, that instead catches the updates instead of the engine. For example, what I did with the splash screen, Instruction and the main game. They are all made with classes of their own, with their own update functions. However, as the update messages are only passed to the last item, the other two are in effect, inactive.

I want to use this format for my future games (if ever there's more to come...)

~Serap Wedd~


finger_snapper_ver_1.0.0.rar 37 MB
Nov 25, 2018

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